Hiace. Quality built for the world

With a globally respected reputation for reliability and endurance, the HIACE Commuter combines functionally elegant design with a complete range of practical and convenient on board cabin appointments. Whether you use it for business or pleasure, it offers every person aboard a comfortable rite for the duration of their journey. With a lineup that includes Wide & Super Long and Standard & Long body styles, it's easy to experience the unique HIACE performance that is known and loved worldwide.

Advanced Instrumentation for Everyday Ease

From the driver's seat, you'll command a sweeping view of the road ahead, with all controls positioned for maximum convenience and operating ease. It's a command center that blends quality and user-friendly functionality for your everyday driving satisfaction.

The Quality of Spaciousness in Every Dimension

Whether you're carrying customers and clients or friends and family, the HIACE Commuter provides comfortable seating for everyone. High-quality materials are used throughout, adding to the sense of spaciousness, refinement and comfort that surrounds you and your passengers.

Tougher and More Powerful Than Ever

HIACE give you a choice of engines to suit your lifestyle needs. Offering a superb balance of performance and economy, they've got plenty of power to carry you wherever you want to go - even with a full load.

Reliability and Lasting Value

Ruggedly built for years of reliable service, HIACE has provide itself on roads around the world. Designed to be tough and durable from the ground up, its dependability is legendary. Whatever types of road you drive on, you'll find the HIACE is always up to the challenge.

A Commitment to Safety Second to None

Safety is key concern for everyone, and HIACE incorporates both active and passive measures to help protect the driver and passengers. From excellent visibility that contributes to collision avoidance, to crumple zone construction that helps minimize collision damage, the Toyota commitment to safety is evident in every detail.


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